Schule Schloss Salem

CoEducational (10-19)
Boarding, Day School
+49 7553 9190
Schlossbezirk 1, 88682 Salem, Germany
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Год основания 1920
Фаза ввода / оценки Secondary, Sixth Form
абордаж Boarding, Day School
Количество студентов 600
Национальности 42
Соотношение учащегося 01:06
Старший мастер Bernd Westermeyer
Ежегодная плата за обучение (мин.) 35000
Годовая плата за обучение (макс.) 37000


Schule Schloss Salem is GermanyÍs most prestigious boarding school for students aged 10 to 19. It was founded in 1920 by Kurt Hahn, who later also founded Gordonstoun School, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Outward Bound and the United World Colleges. Salem pursues a holistic approach to education. A range of academic programmes are offered: the German High School programme (Abitur), the International Baccalaureate (IB), International Classes (year 8, 9 and 10), and Summer Schools for students aged 9 – 16. It compromises four beautiful campuses near Lake Constance: Lower School at Hohenfels Castle, Middle School at Salem Castle and Upper School Salem International College at Spetzgart Castle and Campus Harlen. Salem is a state-accredited, independent, non-profit organization with about 700 students (about 20% internationals). Salem’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is enhanced by staff members from several countries. Involvement in extra-curricular activities and the life in the boarding community have the same significance as academic achievement. All students in the upper years must engage in community service and attend a regular programme of sports and outdoor pursuits. Participation in theatre, music and visual arts is strongly encouraged. SalemÍs aim of education is to build personalities, who respect the individual, feel responsible for their environment and have internalized the democratic ideal.


учебный план

German Abitur, International Baccalaureate

Языки обучения

English, German

Иностранные языки

English, French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek


German Abitur und IB Diploma

Консультация в университете


Поддержка обучения



There is a wide range of communitiy services, sports, music, art and drama (please see website).
Школьные поездки
Общественная служба
Исполнительское искусство
Виды спорта
Летние программы

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