Inter-Community School Zurich

Совместное обучение (3-18)
Day School
Strubenacher 3, 8126 Zumikon, Switzerland
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Год основанияYes
Фаза зачисления / ОценкиYes
школа-интернатDay School
Количество студентовAt ICS we believe every student can be fully involved in the activities of the school and grow through this engagement with their community. We offer extra-curricular activities that complement our academic programme and offer students further opportunities to achieve their potential, pursue their passions and fulfil their responsibilities.
Соотношение учитель и ученикYes
Старший мастерYes
Годовая плата за обучение (мин)24000
Годовая плата за обучение (Макс)36700


Welcome to ICS, an extraordinary international school and community and a second home to globally mobile families living in and around Zurich. Established in 1960, we are the international school of first choice in Zurich for students aged 3 to 18. Our language of instruction is English and all students learn German, the language of our host country. We support students with limited English through our ‘English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. Our preschool includes a bilingual English/German strand and over thirty-five percent of our graduates earn the renowned IB bilingual diploma. ICS students consistently score well above the worldwide mean average on the externally assessed IB examinations and are well-prepared for higher educational studies.

ICS is committed to excellence in its teaching and in the programmes it offers. The school provides a world-class education taught by highly experienced and exceptional teachers in a nurturing and collaborative learning environment. As a community of learners, united by the ICS mission statement, our school stands out as it honours its diversity and embraces the best practices of global citizenship supported by the philosophy of the IB Organisation.

With vast natural and cultural resources, Switzerland is a perfect environment for “learning through doing.” By deliberately structuring authentic learning experiences outside the classroom, we foster students’ holistic development. Field trips are an integral part of learning at ICS, giving students the chance to apply their learning, broaden their horizons and develop leadership and independence.

As an international school, we welcome students of all nationalities; we currently have students from 48 countries here. We welcome applications from prospective students throughout the year. Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a visit.

We are conveniently located on a single campus, situated near the Zurich city centre and easily accessed by public transportation. We also offer a school bus service.

Our Admissions staff will be pleased to book your personal tour of our campus at




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