A+ World Academy

Совместное обучение (15-18)
+47 918 78 623
Zinggstrasse 16, 3007 Bern, Switzerland
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Год основания 2015
Фаза ввода / оценки Grades 11-12
абордаж Школа-пансион
Количество студентов 58
Национальности 12
Соотношение учащегося 1:7
Аккредитации -0
Старший мастер Terry Davies
Ежегодная плата за обучение (мин.)
Годовая плата за обучение (макс.) EUR 53,900


A+ World Academy is a boarding school on a Tall Ship – “high school on a boat”. Up to 60 students in grades 11 and 12 live and work the 90 year old Norwegian Tall Ship, ‘Sørlandet’, while they take AP classes and travel the world. This high school is tough, and that’s the point. High School at sea presents real-life political, social and environmental choices. Students live close to one another and must learn to communicate and show consideration. They will take part in watches and daily duties aboard life skills such as work-ethic and team work. They overcome challenges on a daily basis that has shown to strengthen character and confidence. The best part? They will have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma with AP courses while exploring the world and developing essential life skills that they can benefit from the rest of their lives.


учебный план

American Curriculum, Canadian Curriculum

Языки обучения


Иностранные языки

Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin)



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All our clubs are student organised, so they vary depending on student body interest.
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